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Siding can be considered the skin of your home. It is what makes up most of the exterior of your home and hence has an important role to play in its appearance. If you have heard from your Cedar Grove roofing and siding contractor that old, damaged, or faded siding can decrease your house’s physical appeal as well as its value, you heard it right.


Consider this situation: you have listed your property for sale. A potential buyer comes to check out your home without her real estate agent because she was impressed by the pictures of your house in the listing. But when she gets there, she notices all the missing shingles on your roofing and faded or soiled siding. Her next move, obviously, would be to call her real estate agent and ask for a different house to look at. Now that is exactly why the curb appeal of your house is extremely important.


Curb appeal is basically the first impression a potential buyer gets when he or she views your house. It does not always have to be a potential buyer that has to be impressed; even your friends and family who visit your home or your neighbors who pass by your home on a daily basis form an impression of your home based on its outward appearance.


With numerous types, styles, and models of siding available in the market today, it is every homeowner’s personal taste and preference that determines the exterior looks of a home. Siding adds a distinct value to your home. When you choose a siding system that has been designed and manufactured carefully and brought to you by a reliable Cedar Grove roofing and siding contractor, the overall value and looks of your home will be further enhanced, and it will be the complete opposite when you choose siding that is of low quality and/or fail to maintain it properly.


When having a siding system installed in your home by a professional roofing and siding contractor in Cedar Grove, keep in mind that siding installed in vertical lines will make your home look thinner and taller, and siding installed horizontally will make it look wider. You can choose to incorporate both styles in different areas to create a mixed impression or appearance. If you are using both styles, remember to make sure that the design is tied in with the overall architectural style of your home and doesn’t look disjointed.


The architectural style of your home is a vital factor to take into account when choosing siding. For instance, if yours is a family home that has been passed on to you by previous generations, you are probably looking at a 30-year-old architecture, if not older. In this case, choosing a trendy siding model with a fad color will completely ruin the originality and appeal of your home.


Cedar Grove roofing and siding contractors suggest that using too many textures at once would not look appealing for any type of home. If you wish to have multiple textures, the maximum you should go for is two. When choosing the color of your siding, take sufficient time and do some research or talk to experts before making your selection because you will have to look at that color for several years to come, especially with long-life siding.


As far as siding colors are concerned, white still remains the favorite and popular choice. If you want your house to blend in with its surroundings, you can go for earth-color tones such as tans, browns, greens, and grays. Some homeowners may prefer pastel colors, wood, and other lighter tones. Avoiding colors that are too bright, like red, yellow, etc., is what Cedar Grove roofing and siding contractors recommend. However, if you like everything to be bright around your house, you can go for brighter tones.


You should be able to get brochures or books with photographs of different sidings and how they look on different types of houses from a professional Cedar Grove roofing and siding contractor. Visit your local contractor and go through those brochures to determine which type of siding will look good on your house.


A siding job should never be done in a hurry. If you are going to replace your old siding, first finish all other repairs or replacements for the exterior and then proceed with the siding replacement process.