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We can’t stress enough the importance of selecting and installing a good and reliable roofing system for your home. It is one of the most critical components of a building structure, doing a lot of important and helpful jobs like protecting your interior from water leaks; preventing damage caused by external elements like wind, dust, etc.; maintaining the right temperature within your home; keeping you comfortable inside; and a lot more. With so much on the line, it only makes sense to put forth your best efforts when finding roofing for your home. A wise step would be to start with learning about everything related to roofing. This roofing guide from Harrison Township roofing and siding contractors has all the information you need on the topic.


Roof Types


When it comes to choosing a type of roof for your home, your home’s aesthetics is one of the most critical aspects that influences this decision. As the roof is a huge and easily visible surface, it naturally affects the entire look of the building. Therefore, your choice of roofing will have the biggest impact on the external appearance of your home. The next important factor to determine is the slope of your roof. Depending on the level of steepness that your Harrison Township roofing and siding contractor decides on, the material application limits will differ. This is because some roofing materials may not be capable of shedding water sufficiently and hence are not always recommended for slopes.


Another option you have with roofs is water-shedding or pitched roofs. Within this category, you have three different types to choose from: steep pitch, low slope, and waterproof or flat. Of these three, waterproof roofs are not as popular among homeowners as pitched roofs and are usually used only for commercial buildings.


Roofing Materials


One easy way to determine the type of roof to buy for your home is by analyzing its life cycle cost (LCC). This can be done by analyzing the material’s life expectancy and the roof’s cost, and then using these to calculate the yearly cost. The fire rating of the roofing material is another factor to take into account.


Asphalt Shingles


This material happens to be a popular choice for water-shedding roofs in different regions. Asphalt shingles are easy to install, relatively less expensive, and highly durable regardless of the weather conditions. You can find fiberglass and organic asphalt shingles for roofs. Both of these types are now available in different styles, including laminate or architectural shingles and tab shingles.




While a lot of metals are used to make roofing systems, not all are recommended by professional Harrison Township roofing and siding contractors. Though metal is an expensive material, it is now widely preferred by many due to its long lifespan. One metal that is not widely used for residences is copper; copper is known for its unique metallic color when it is new, which then slowly turns green because of oxidation. However, due to its high cost, its use has been limited. Metal roofs are available in the form of metal panels and metal tiles.




Cedar shakes and cedar shingles are commonly-used types of cedar roofing. One advantage of cedar roofing is that it can be easily and directly installed on solid sheathing. On the other hand, since cedar is an organic material, it can easily decay, especially when there are trees or plants near it.




This is one of the most expensive roofing materials, and thus its availability and use are limited. If yours is a brick house, this would be the perfect material choice for your roofing, and it can last for centuries as well.


Concrete and Clay Tiles


Concrete tiles have been used by Harrison Township roofing and siding contractors for several years as a reliable roofing option. In addition to being an expensive roofing material, concrete tiles are also very labor-intensive.


Clay tiles are available in different styles and widely used in areas where the climate is hot and dry most of the time. As the main function of these tiles is to protect houses from the sun, they may not be suitable for locations with cold temperatures.


Repairs and Replacement


Every roofing material discussed above has a lifespan of its own. However, when it comes to repair and/or replacement, you cannot solely depend on the roof’s age to determine what has to be done. A combination of factors such as foot traffic, debris, heat from the sun, changing weather conditions, etc., can have an adverse effect on your roofing system. If the damage to the roof isn’t too severe, some simple repairs done by a professional Harrison Township roofing and siding contractor will help extend the life of the roof. However, at some point in time, you will have to replace the roofing.


In addition to all these factors, you should also consider the guarantee or warranty that comes with the roofing system you choose. Your options here are the manufacturer’s warranty, contractor’s guarantee, and third-party guarantees, if any.