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While it obviously essential for every building to have a roof, it is also an undeniable fact that every roof will eventually need to be replaced. A solid, watertight roof is necessary to enjoy a cozy, warm, and leak-free home, and if you are like many other homeowners, you would probably start thinking about having your roof replaced as soon as you discover a leak in your ceiling.

But if you do have a leak, don’t panic. The fact is, the leak you see could be caused by a number of different factors. To determine whether a simple repair can solve the problem or whether you really do need to get a new roof installed by an Evesham, NJ roofing contractor, there are several factors to take into consideration.

Inspecting Your Roof

First, before you even get to the point of investigating a roof leak, it is recommended that you inspect your roof couple times a year to properly know its condition. The first place to start is the interior of your home, so get to your attic and start the inspection. When you get to the attic, look for the following signs:

• Check for places where the roof seems to be sagging.
• Look for dark spots.
• Look for water leaks or damage.
• Look for areas where light from the outside is penetrating the roof.

After completing an inspection on the inside of your house, it’s time to inspect the exterior. For this, you need to look for things such as algae growth, rotting, blistering, distortions, curling, and missing shingles. Among these, algae growth usually happens during humid temperatures and often looks like dark stains on the roof.

Factors to Consider

Following are some issues you should look for in your roof to determine when to get a new roof as provided by a leading Evesham, NJ roofing contractor:

Age of Your Roof
The very first aspect to consider is the age of your roof. In general, asphalt shingle roofs tend to last between 20 and 30 years.

Therefore, if you have a roof that is more than 30 years of age, you may have a big issue, even if it looks fine from the ground. Asphalt shingles usually age gradually; therefore, you have a lot of time to inspect the roof on a regular basis and then consider replacement options before it actually gets to the stage of needing a full replacement. The important thing here is to have your roof replaced before it wears out completely and causes damage inside your home.

Depending on the condition of your roof, you may have some time left to initiate the process. However, follow the inspection advice of our Evesham, NJ roofing contractor before making your decision. On the other hand, if you happen to live in a housing development where everything was built around the same time, and your neighbors are beginning to replace their roofs, it’s probably time to replace yours as well.

Missing Shingles
Roofs are known to age in a relatively uniform manner. If you find several broken or missing shingles on your roof, it can mean that the level of protection offered by your roof has most likely lessened. A roof with broken or missing shingles can be vulnerable to damage and rotting. However, if only a few shingles have been damaged, you can always replace them with several new shingles. But you may not be able to get the exact same color because the colors of shingles available can change over the years, and any existing shingles have likely faded due to sun exposure.

Curling or Cracking Shingles
In regard to shingles curling, you can expect to see two likely possibilities: one is called cupping, which takes places when their edges curl upward; and the other is called clawing, which is when the middle part of the shingles starts to curl instead of the edges. No matter what type of curling you see, it is a sign of serious problem and you will very likely need to contact an Evesham, NJ roofing contractor to get an estimate on a new roof. Curling shingles are most time due to lack of attic ventilation, the shingles dry out crack and curl, ventilation is a major factor when installing a new roof.

In addition to curling, you may also spot cracking shingles on your roof. This can be the damage caused by winds, and if there are only a few of them cracking, you can obviously replace just the damaged shingles. But, if the cracking is spread randomly throughout the roof, you should definitely start thinking about getting a new roof.

Sagging Roof
A sagging roof is a telltale sign of a serious problem with your roof. This can be the result of a structural issue with your building. Taking care of issues like this should be done at the early stages because leaving it for too long can cause some serious damage. So, as soon as you see a slump in your roof, call in an Evesham, NJ roofing contractor immediately for an inspection.

Shingle Granules in the Gutter
Yes, you will see shingle granules in the gutter when you have just installed a new roof; and that is certainly not an issue. But if your roof is several years old and you are starting to notice a lot of granules in the gutter, you are facing a problem. Roofs usually start to shed granules when they are reaching the end of their life span. When this happens, you should start thinking about a new roof.

If you have noticed one or more of these signs on your roof, you need to contact an Evesham, NJ roofing contractor at your earliest convenience to have the problem analyzed and resolved.