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When you discover damages on your roof, you need to contact an Evesham Township roofing contractor to fix the problem. Fixing a damaged roof is an urgent task that a homeowner should take care of as soon as they discover the problem. A damaged roof can cause many problems to the house if not fixed immediately. Handling the insurance claims process requires one to follow up with insurance adjusters, roofing contractors, and at times mortgage firms. To make sure you handle the insurance claim process the right way, a professional Evesham Township roofing contractor advises you follow the following steps.


Check for Damages Especially after Harsh weather


If you suspect your roof might be damaged after a storm contact a professional and licensed roofing contractor in Evesham Township to check it out. Even though your roof may seem fine on the outside, there could be serious damaged on the interior that only an expert can be able to identify.  Some insurance policies detail how long you have to wait after your roof has been damaged and the extent the damage is covered under your insurance policy. After harsh weather such as storm or high rainfall, always make it a point to have your roof inspected.


Document details and take pictures of the damage


Experienced roofers know where to check for damages and are thorough in documenting the impact of the damages. They will take pictures of damaged areas and include a written explanation of what needs to be repaired and the expected costs. At times, your damaged roof may not qualify for insurance. In this case, you will need your homeowner’s insurance company and you will be required to provide proof of damage, what caused the damages, as well as the date and times the damage took place.


If you want to successfully claim insurance, learn how to take periodic photos of your roof, especially when the maintenance is complete. Make sure your pictures are clear and well named with date and time. If you can, take several shots from different angles to clearly show your entire roof and the state of the shingles. With all this information, you will be able have a convincing argument.


Call your Insurance Company and find out what your policy covers


According to a professional Evesham Township roofing contractor, if you are dealing with extensive roof damages, you need to call your insurance company immediately. If you postpone or prolong getting in touch with the company can get in your way of submitting your claim. Ensure you have the current policy of the house to review it and find out what limitations may arise when reporting damage as well as which types of roof damage are not covered. For instance, if your roof is more than a decade old, your insurance firm may only cover small part of the roof placement cost. Once you submit a roof insurance claim, an insurance adjuster will come to inspect the damaged areas and determine the cost that the insurance company intends to pay to replace or repair your roof.  


Pick a Roofing contractor with insurance knowledge


If your roof insurance claim is covered under your homeowner’s policy, you will receive money to repair the damage. You can choose a certified roofing contractor in Evesham Township to handle the repairs or replace your house roof. When selecting a  qualified contractor, remember to ask for references and only use licensed and insured roofing companies. You can take your time to shop around to get different estimates to avoid being overcharged. Furthermore, you have a wide list to choose a roofing contractor with the best experience and knowledge. When it comes to roofing contractor companies, not every company provides insurance claim assistance. However, some companies have insurance adjusters to assist you every step of the way during your roof damage claim.


Look out for contingency contracts


Many roofing contractors companies provide free roof inspections and a free roof replacement price estimate. However, you need to look out for contingency contracts that look like inspection reports. If you mistakenly, sign some of these contracts, then you are accepting to the terms of that roofing company in case your insurance claim is approved.


When gathering estimates, do not sign anything you do not understand. If you are rushed into signing something, it’s a clear indication to look for another trustworthy roofing contractor. Conducting comprehensive research on local roofing contractors companies and selecting those with a good and credible reviews as well as feedback is a great way to find the ultimate company to replace your roof. Choosing a company that stands with a home owner when they are filing for an insurance claim is a great idea. In addition, a roofing contractor should be able to offer you helpful information to enable you to succeed in your insurance claim process.