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Storm Related Insurance Work

Storms are a leading cause of house damage, especially here in the New Jersey and tri-state area. Being close to the shore and the jetstream brings a lot of weather our way, and that means you or a loved one may find themselves in a situation where their home has been damaged and in need of repairs. Our team can help you through the process by first assessing the situation and then performing the needed repairs. As a member of the community, our commitment to keeping this area in great shape is what drives us. In order to serve our clients as efficiently as possible, we will work directly with your insurance company to get you the compensation that you deserve.

Weather Waits for No-one
Superstorm Sandy is a name that is still fresh on people’s minds. The storm caused massive damage from Cape May all the way up to the most northern parts of New Jersey. Downed tree damage, mangled roofs, and ripped up siding were a common sight no matter where you went in the wake of this epic storm. In some New Jersey counties, up to 90% of the homes had some form of storm damage according to the NJ Department of Community Affairs.

It is highly recommended to have your home evaluated by one of our trained inspectors to ensure that any damage is identified and repaired.

We are not storm chasers, like some companies, that go from state to state to capitalize on other’s misfortune. We are locally owned and operated for over 40 years – we will be here tomorrow to warranty what we do today. All of our employees are OSHA trained for a safe working environment.

Storm damage can come from high winds, hail, heavy snow and ice storms just to mention a few. Call for a free inspection and professional analysis (856) 232-2222.

photo of storm related damage