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The history of tile roofing dates back several centuries. This roofing material is known to add character and a distinct look to residences. Though you might mainly find tile roofing on public buildings, schools, and colleges, more and more homeowners are now starting to understand its benefits and prefer using it for their homes. In addition to the financial value of tile roofing, the unique designs, colors, and other architectural aspects of the material also happen to be a huge reason for its popularity.


Roofing tiles are highly durable and natural, and with this material it will be easy for you to attain your design goals as you have an extensive array of shape, texture, and color options at your disposal. The benefits of tile roofing don’t stop with design options, however; as a homeowner, you should obviously look for roofing materials that last at least 20 to 30 years without having to deal with too many maintenance-related issues. In the case of tile roofing, when good quality tiles are used and properly installed by expert roofing and siding contractors from Collingswood, you are looking at a minimum lifespan of 75 years.


Quality of Tiles


Because people expect a lot of value from roofing tiles, most roof tile manufacturers are known to follow and maintain rigorous quality control standards and procedures in their facilities. As a result, the products that reach the market are high in quality, strong, consistent in different aspects, durable, and also freeze-thaw and water-resistant.


Regardless of the manufacturer or brand you choose, it would be quite impossible to compare differences in quality between two products. This is because the quality of a product is determined during the manufacturing process itself, based on the care and precision the manufacturer employs in selecting and blending raw materials to make the product. However, if you go to a reliable roofing and siding contractor in Collingswood, you can be sure that you are getting good quality products for your roofing.


Life Expectancy


Roof tiles come in a variety of different types, and each type has a life expectancy of its own. Based on the model you choose, life expectancies can range anywhere between 10 and 100 years. Warranties and the terms associated with them also vary from one manufacturer to another. When choosing roof tiles, it is therefore important to also read the terms of the warranty to know exactly what’s covered. Some leading roof tile manufacturers provide warranties that cover both materials and workmanship for several years.


Types of Roof Tiles


Like with any other roofing material, roof tiles are also available in different types. Some of the most commonly used types are:


  • Standard tiles: When Collingswood roofing and siding contractors talk to you about standard roofing tiles, they are generally referring to unglazed concrete tiles and clay tiles. In recent years, contractors have started to recommend high-pressure extruded tiles because of their ability to endure extreme temperatures.
  • Concrete tiles: Concrete tiles have been used for roofing since the 19th century. These tiles are categorized as either interlocking tiles or non-interlocking tiles. Interlocking tiles carry an interlocking side lap which is designed to provide a path for drainage. Interlocking tiles are usually used in steep roofs, and they are the more recommended of the two types by Collingswood roofing and siding contractors because of reasons such as lower installation costs, reduced slippage/loose tiles, and less installation time.
  • Glazed tiles: Glazed tiles usually have surfaces that are highly reflective and give off a shimmer, with subtle changes depending on your viewing position and the surrounding lighting conditions. This single unique quality makes glazed tiles a popular choice among homeowners. These tiles are also available in a vast array of colors and patterns, from subtle grays to vibrant reds, to satisfy individual preferences. If you are looking for something more and also have the budget, you can have your Collingswood roofing and siding contractor order custom glazed tile designs with the finish and color of your choice.


Your choice of roofing tiles depends on your interests, preferences, and lifestyle, as well as the architectural style of your home. Based on where you live, you will be able to find numerous varieties directly from manufacturers. Even if you are unable to find the varieties you want in your location, you can have other types shipped in from a different city or region by paying extra.