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As more and more homeowners begin to understand the significance and benefits of creating a healthy environment, they are starting to invest in green home structures, including green roofing and siding. Going green is not exclusive to new construction; even owners of existing homes are willing to remodel their homes to go green. In addition to making your home look better, green roofing and siding upgrades will also make your home work better for you and your family as well as the environment. A single transformation can offer a wide range of benefits, from reduced maintenance requirements and lower energy bills to a cleaner and healthier home and environment, which is exactly why many professional NJ roofing and siding contractors now recommend green roofing and siding.


Benefits of a Green Roofing and Siding Upgrade


Among the many benefits you get to enjoy from upgrading your existing roofing and siding to green roofing and siding, the following are the most significant:


  • Healthier environment: With pollution hitting record highs in many countries around the world, now more than ever is the time to take all necessary steps to make your environment healthier. By choosing quality roofing and siding materials and making sure that they are properly installed by professional NJ roofing and siding contractors, you are essentially improving the structure’s protective ability, reducing the possibility of leaks and other moisture problems that follow.
  • Saves money: When you choose roofing and siding materials that are known to be highly durable, last longer, and look appealing, you will most likely spend much less on their maintenance in the future. Quality roofing and siding structures act as barriers and protect your home from various elements. And when choosing roofing and siding materials, you should also analyze their heat absorption and retention capabilities in order to avoid spending a lot on energy bills.
  • Reduced environmental impact: By choosing quality roofing and siding materials that can last a long time, you are reducing the need for replacements. With so many new options on the market, you can now choose materials that are recyclable, non-toxic, and also those that are manufactured and installed with very little environmental impact.


As roofing and siding are two of the most important as well as more expensive house essentials, cost is a major factor that is in the minds of most homeowners, especially when it comes to upgrading their existing roofing and siding systems. NJ roofing and siding experts suggest that the best way to accurately project cost is to concentrate on the personal and environmental benefits, the reduced maintenance requirements, and, of course, the long-term savings.


Although the initial cost you see will usually be higher, this just means that you will save more than you anticipate in the long run. As mentioned earlier, you can easily reduce your energy bills by choosing roofing and siding designs and materials that are highly efficient in maintaining the optimal temperature. Also, materials that can last longer will not need early replacement, which means you get to save even more money. If a manufacturer or dealer quotes you a very low price, dig deeper and analyze the overall quality and durability of the materials involved.


Upgrading your existing roofing and siding to make them green is definitely not an easy task. You need to do a lot of research and learn as much as possible from an expert NJ roofing and siding contractor about the ins and outs of green roofing and siding. This is very important, especially if you are planning on performing the upgrade on your own, as it will help avoid expensive mistakes. Another challenge you are likely to face is finding green roofing and siding materials. To make sure that you have the work done on time, you need to start your search early. In addition to searching online and looking for manufacturers or dealers in newspapers and magazines, you can also contact a local NJ roofing and siding contractor for some recommendations.


With proper planning, you should be able to upgrade your roofing and siding by combining comfort, efficiency, and beauty for the ideal results.