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Buying a house is a long term investment and one of the best decisions you can ever make in your life. This being the case, your house should always be in great condition to be of high value in the market. According to a NJ roofing contractor, you should always have a contractor that you can always rely on in case of damages. When looking for a perfect house for you and your loved ones, have a qualified contractor inspect it. The contractor will use their knowledge to advise you of any house issues, including the roof. So, what happens if you use a roofing contractor that is not qualified. Well, you have to expect a shoddy job on your roof. Here are major signs of a bad roofing job to look out for by a NJ roofing contractor.


Does the roof has an inform appearance?


According to professional contractors in NJ, it’s always wise to check your house appearance frequently. In most cases, you will notice that the roof looks great on one side of the house but the other side is poorly done. One of the common bad signs of an improper roofing job is mismatched roofing shingles. This problem commonly occurs if the previous owner choose not to replace the whole roof, but instead replaced a selection of the roof. The mismatch in material and color takes place especially when corners are cut in an effort to save costs. In addition, there are many shingles that can rectify a distorted appearance.


Is the Underlayment Missing?


Finding out if there the underlayment is missing is an easy task for any homeowner. However, one must have enough time to carry out this investigation. The underlayment is important for any house with a roof and it should not be missed at any time. An underlayment is a paper or material that lies beneath the roofing shingles and above the roof sheathing. This material acts as a waterproofing barrier. If your house is missing a underlayment layer your roof will definitely leak. Missing of underlayment can also cause premature aging of the roof. This is why you have to use an experienced NJ roofing contractor to avoid any bad roofing.


Look out for Bad attachment methods


Another bad sign of roofing is improper attachment methods. In the United States, each municipality has its own building code and NJ is no exception. In New Jersey, a roofing contractor company should be in a position to know the type of attachment that should be used on a roofing system. A contractor who doesn’t have an idea of the various attachment methods, is likely to use the wrong type of attachment for your house. This is dangerous because your roof may not be strong enough to handle any harsh weather. You don’t want your roof being blown away by a strong wind or leaking every time it rains. If a roofing contractor uses the wrong type of nails or leaves wide distance between the nails, this leads to roof damage, increased replacement and repair costs, increased insurance, and flying debris.


Check for Missing Drip Edge


Missing drip edge is a common sign of an improper roofing job. Drip edges are similar to underlayment and are crucial to have a successful roofing system. These edges are normally pieces of strong steel that are found above the underlayment and beneath the shingles on the roof edge. The drip edges are supposed to extend above the gutter.


Drip edges play an important role in keeping the water flowing down into the gutter and away from your house. If you live in an area that is prone to strong winds, these edges will prevent water from entering the house at the roof edge.  Trying to keep your house as dry as possible is important to any homeowner who wants to keep their house in a good condition long-term. Water is a friend but at times it can also cause serious damages both to the house exteriors and interiors.


As a homeowner, you should contact a professional roofing contractor in NJ to inspect your house. Even when purchasing a house, use a contractor to check the house you intend to purchase. Inspections help a lot of homeowners to know where the roof has issues. In case you are not satisfied with a job done on your roof, use a certified roofing company to check any signs of a bad roofing job.


When working with a qualified contractor, ask them about the above trouble areas to get professional help. At the end of the day, before settling for a roofing company you need to carry comprehensive research to only settle for the best. Using a company that knows what they are doing will be able to solve any improper roofing job and avoid future complications. A roof is a sensitive part of the house and only the best hands should tackle it.