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When you find moldy stains on your roof shingles and/or siding, it is an indication that it is time to clean them thoroughly and properly. Cleaning your home’s roofing and siding on a regular basis and maintaining them the same way is important to extend their lifespan as well as to prevent early and expensive replacement costs. However, there are not enough resources that signify the importance of having a clean roof and siding or even explain the proper methods to clean them, for that matter. If you have been stuck for a long time without proper guidance on cleaning your roofing and siding, the following essential cleaning tips from Burlington Township roofing and siding contractors will prove useful.


Careful with your chemical choice


When you search for roof cleaning products or chemicals online, you will come across a lot of posts that suggest the use of a power washer and bleach for cleaning, especially roofing. While some people believe that this method works, expert roofing and siding contractors from Burlington Township advise that using a power washer can be harmful to the roofing shingles. And the other most common product suggested for roof cleaning is chlorine bleach. This product can actually damage metal roofing shingles, downspouts, and also gutters due to its corrosive properties. In addition to bleaching anything it comes into contact with, the chlorine bleach runoff can also be harmful to plants and trees.


Therefore, look for a roof cleaning product that is less likely to corrode your roof shingles and is also safe for your environment. Lye, commonly known as sodium hydroxide, is a product recommended by most experienced roofing and siding contractors. No matter which product you choose to use, remember to wear protective gear while cleaning.


Repair damages before cleaning


When it comes to cleaning the siding of your house, expert Burlington Township roofing and siding contractors suggest that the first thing to do is inspect your siding for any damages and get them repaired before proceeding with the cleaning process. Water infiltration is one of the most common problems associated with siding, especially in areas that border doors, windows, and other corners. Look for gaps caused by cracked or pulled-away caulk, and re-apply matching exterior caulk in these areas when the temperature at your location is hot and dry enough to allow proper adhesion.


In the case of wood siding, look for cracked trim and boards as well as peeling paint. If you have installed brick siding, you need to check for disintegrating mortar joints. For stucco siding, chips and cracks are common issues. Whatever your siding material, remember to check it for damage and fix it before cleaning.


The cleaning process


For Roofing:


Mix the roof cleaning product of your choice with water in a 1:7 ratio and transfer it into a pump sprayer. Wear a proper harness and climb up on your roof. First, cool down the roof by spraying it all around with water. This helps the cleaner do its job for a longer time. Then, spray the cleaner on the roof shingles, let it sit for around 20 minutes, and rinse thoroughly. While rinsing, remember to follow a slow and even pattern to make sure that you cover all areas, including all the stained patches. However, if your roof is severely stained, cleaning on your own using a regular garden hose may not do the trick. In this case, you would need the expertise of Burlington Township roofing and siding contractors.


For Siding:


This method for cleaning siding is relatively easy. You will need trisodium phosphate, an excellent degreaser and stain remover that can be bought from hardware stores, home improvement stores, and even from certain grocery stores in your neighborhood. Mix around half a cup of this product with one gallon of water to make an alkaline solution. With the help of a soft-bristled brush, like those you normally use for cleaning your car, begin scrubbing the siding section by section. Rinse in between and continue the process from bottom to top. Once again, if the process requires the use of a ladder, follow proper safety precautions to avoid injuries.


No matter how hard you try, your roofing and siding will get dirty. There will also be growth of algae in frequent intervals. Therefore, cleaning them at least once a year will protect and extend their lifespan. If you have no spare time to spend on cleaning, you can always hire a professional roofing and siding contractor from Burlington Township.