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As both roofing and siding are vital elements for a building’s structure, most modern roofing and siding materials are designed to be extremely durable, with the ability to endure even the harshest weather conditions. However, the key to making sure that this durability lasts for a long time is proper care and maintenance that is performed on a regular basis.

In order to maximize the protection offered by roofing and siding, they need to be maintained in great shape. Several factors such as temperature changes, rain, snow, and sunlight will tend to deteriorate your home’s roofing and siding over time. This can be prevented only by consistent maintenance and following the right procedures when you do perform maintenance.

To help you with the maintenance of your roofing and siding, here are a few tips for the most commonly used materials, offered directly by a Winslow Township roofing and siding contractor:

Asbestos Roofing and Siding

Asbestos was first introduced in the 1900s as a building material with excellent durability and resistance to fire. The material is still popular and widely used for roofing and siding purposes in different parts of the country.

Problem Identification: Asbestos roofing and siding are prone to impact damage; therefore, according to the Winslow Township roofing and siding contractor, you should start by checking the places where the material is clearly broken.

Maintenance: If the material is severely damaged, it can turn friable. This can also happen if mechanical processes like grinding, sanding, sawing, or drilling are done on the products. Therefore, if you think that one or more of these processes need to be done during maintenance, you need to seek help from a certified Winslow Township roofing and siding contractor. As this material is extremely fragile, it can easily chip and crack. You can prevent this on your lower siding by, for example, planting flower beds near the foundation so the wall doesn’t come in contact with any type of lawn equipment. If this type of roofing or siding needs to be replaced, it’s best to contact the professionals.

Asphalt Roofing

Asphalt roofing started gaining popularity during the 1920s. This particular roofing material is known to have great strength and is also fire resistant. The material is widely used by homeowners to cover their existing roof with asphalt roofing to modernize the look of their home.

Problem Identification: Problems with asphalt roofing can be identified by looking for signs such as curling, fishmouthing, and cupping. Curling and cupping usually happen due to aging. Fishmouthing on the other hand takes place due to building moisture and insufficient attic ventilation.

Maintenance: The lifespan of asphalt roofing is generally 10 to 30 years, which is relatively lower than many other roofing materials. Damage such as loss of granules, blistering, buckling, warping, etc. can be prevented by cleaning downspouts and gutters frequently. In order to avoid overhanging branches from hanging over or scraping the roof, trim them frequently. Buildup of moisture and excess heat can be prevented with sufficient attic ventilation. Our Winslow Township roofing contractor also suggests that the roof’s flashing should be maintained regularly to prevent leaks.

Wood Roofing

Years ago, wood shake or shingle roofs were one among many roofing material choices. Today, wood is a premium roofing material that will cost you more money for its purchase and installation than any other roofing products. The natural appearance of wood blends exceedingly well with a building’s environment and is therefore widely chosen for installation by Winslow Township roofing and siding contractors.

Problem Identification: The surface of wood starts to change when it gets exposed to precipitation and sunlight. While part of this change is physical, some of it can also be chemical. One of the early and evident signs of problem in wood roofing is color change. The usual reddish brown color of the wood will start fading and the roofing begins graying. Also, as wood is a natural absorber of water, swelling is another common problem with wood roofing. And when the level of moisture decreases, wood tends to shrink. As the roofing ages, curling and cupping will also become common problems.

Maintenance: Pine needles, leaves, and other debris that get accumulated between the shakes and shingles should be removed every now and then, especially before winter or rainy seasons. If you happen to live in a location that is conducive to the growth of fungi, mold, and mildew, you will likely have to perform the cleaning process multiple times a year.

Aluminum and Steel Siding

Aluminum and steel siding came into existence during the early 1900s. After a few years, the use of aluminum increased rapidly mainly because the material was inexpensive and its installation was also quick and easy.

Problem Identification: In order to identify if the metal siding is aluminum or steel, the Winslow Township siding contractor suggests the use of a magnet. Steel is magnetic and aluminum isn’t. Because it is a relatively soft metal, denting will be a common problem you face with aluminum siding. And if you have installed a less expensive aluminum siding in your home, even something as common as power wash can dent the material. In the case of steel siding, rusting is the most common problem you can expect. Fog, salt sprays (in coastal areas), and other forms of dampness cause steel siding to rust over time.

Maintenance: Both aluminum and steel siding have to be maintained by hosing them off once a year. However, remember not to use high pressure washers on your aluminum siding because, in addition to denting the metal, water could also be forced to reach areas behind the siding, leading to deterioration. When it comes to steel, priming and painting is essential in order to prevent rusting, even if you spot just a few small scratches on the material. If the metal has already started to rust, scrape it off and use a sealant to coat the body so further rusting can be prevented. Our Winslow Township siding contractor also suggests scraping and repainting if the steel siding starts to chip or its paint starts to peel.

By using these care and maintenance tips from a professional Winslow Township roofing and siding contractor, you can extend the lifespan of your home’s roofing and siding structures.