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When it comes to the look of your house, nothing is more important than its roofing and siding. This is because not only these are the largest and most visible items in how your home presents itself to your friends and neighbors, but also because your roofing and siding are the first line of defense against numerous external elements that can damage your home. That is exactly why the materials used for roofing and siding have to be highly durable, properly installed, and maintained on a regular basis.

It is wise to perform periodic inspection of the roofing and siding to look for damage and wear, and to have any problems you discover fixed immediately. By following these roofing and siding tips from a leading Washington Township contractor, you can maintain the beauty of your home’s exterior for a long time to come and also save yourself a lot of money you would otherwise spend on potentially large and costly repairs due to ongoing neglect.

1. Maintain Clean Gutters

The first and also the most important roofing and siding tip from our leading Washington Township contractor is to maintain clean gutters.

Clogged gutters are one of the most common reasons behind leaks in your roof. Open gutters on your home can easily get clogged by twigs, leaves, and other debris. When these get blocked, water overflows onto the roof and can cause serious mayhem to your roof and siding. This can then cause rotting of your roof sheathing, which in turn can lead to further damages. In addition, clogged gutters can also end up making your basement wet as well as ruin the finish of your home’s siding. Failing to catch this problem early can lead to major repairs that can have you spending thousands of dollars.

Fortunately, you can mostly avoid this risk by installing a gutter screening system, there are several different types and styles available.

2. Trim Branches

Many homeowners do not consider their yard as a possible threat to their roofing and siding. But when there is a storm, anything present in your yard can be propelled into the siding, and this includes the branches of trees that are too close to the building. Trim branches regularly to prevent them from getting in contact with your house, as it could eventually lead to cracks or other damage. This also protects your roofing because it prevents rodents from gaining access to the roof, where they can cause additional damage.

3. Prevent Ice Buildup

During winter, ice easily builds up inside the gutters, and on top of the shingles. When the ice starts to reach the wall line, it can lead to an interior drip. You can prevent this by removing the snow every now and then.

However, do not try to get rid of the ice that has already hardened because you could cause damage to your roofing. Seek expert assistance if you think the problem has gone too far. There are several products that can be installed under the shingles to eliminate this problem in the future.

4. Clean the Siding Frequently

Cleaning the siding doesn’t take up a lot of time or require special cleaning materials. You can use some detergent, a good brush, and a hose to perform the job. Make sure the bristles of the brush you choose are firm because this helps in clearing all the dirt from within the details of your siding’s surface.

You can also use a power sprayer to reach those places that you can’t reach by hand. But be careful while using this technique because the level of pressure from the water can sometimes strip away the paint from painted siding.

5. Eliminate Moss

Moss growth on the roof is a common problem faced by many homeowners. This happens especially on wood shingles and has to be eliminated immediately since it can trap water. If you address the problem at its early stage, it can just be swept off. But if the buildup is more than what you can manage, you will have to call in the experts.

Once the moss is eliminated, invest in zinc strips and install them near the roof to prevent regrowth.

6. Paint the Siding

Painting or having some form of finish to your siding, especially wood siding, is one of the most effective protection measures you can take. In the case of wood sidings, if left unprotected, weather can generate moisture and eventually cause serious deterioration.

Also, painting the siding also adds a layer of protection from the UV rays of the Sun, thus preventing it from getting brittle or other Sun-related degradation. It is not recommend to paint vinyl siding due to the movement of the product.

7. Don’t Choose Contractors Based on Bids Alone

In case you do find you need to hire a Washington Township contractor for roofing and/or siding repairs, do not simply go for the one that promises the lowest price. For one thing, the cost of running a properly licensed and regulated contracting business keeps the costs of such legitimate contractors at a minimum price point. Too low a price is probably too good to be true.

So, if you find a significant difference between bids for the same work, be sure to ask the contractors to explain their proposals in detail. Always do your research, ask for references, and make an educated decision.