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No matter where you live, your home will be covered with siding, either wood or vinyl or sometimes both. Even if the salesman claimed that their siding requires no maintenance when you initially purchased it, with time you will come to know that those claims are not true. Yes, some roofing and siding may require relatively less maintenance, but no product is maintenance-free.

Many homeowners wonder how algae and mildew can actually survive on siding materials like plastic and vinyl. Here is how: algae and mildew usually feed on dirt, dust, and sugars present on the siding. In this case, sugars are the fine sap droplets from trees, which those organisms absolutely love. Wood siding is not safe either. The very sealers and stains you normally use to protect the wood are a feast for algae and mildew because most sealers and stains contain natural oils.

Whatever the cause of algae and mildew growth on your siding, if you want to save huge sums of money by preventing constant repairs and replacement, you need to clean the siding on a regular basis. Here are some wood and vinyl siding cleaning tips from the expert roofing and siding contractors in Pemberton Township.

Wood Siding Cleaning

Over time, wood siding has the tendency to change in color. This process is commonly known as discoloration, which is usually caused by dirt. You can prevent this by cleaning your siding at least once a year using a soft-bristled brush and warm, soapy water. Remember to rinse the siding after cleaning it with the soapy water. If you spot black stains, that’s probably mildew. This can be cleaned by using bleach and water in a 1:4 ratio.

On some siding, you will also be able to see rust stains in the form of streaks or blemishes. This usually happens when un-galvanized screws or nails were used to fasten the siding. You can remove these streaks or stains by using a solution made with warm water and oxalic acid, a compound that can be found in home improvement stores or hardware stores. Pemberton Township roofing and siding contractors suggest that the use of acid-proof gloves and proper eye gear is extremely essential when handling the cleaning products. Once the cleaning is done, replace all un-galvanized nails or screws with stainless steel or galvanized ones.

Vinyl Siding Cleaning

The vinyl siding options available today are just as attractive as, if not more attractive than, wood siding. Additionally, these types of sidings need very little maintenance and are less likely to rot and split. However, as always, periodic cleaning is essential to keeping your vinyl siding in optimal condition. Vinyl siding can be washed using a soft-bristled brush or simply using a soft cloth. If your siding is textured, it is better to use soft-bristled brushes in order to remove all the stains from the grooves. Before starting to clean the siding, cover the bricks around it in order to prevent damage from the runoff. Work starting from the bottom and move upwards, and rinse the cleaning solution with clean water.

Professional Pemberton Township roofing and siding contractors also recommend the use of a power washer for cleaning your siding. However, they also suggest that you read the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions before using it. This is an important point to remember because some manufacturers do not recommend the use of power washers on their products. While other manufacturers do allow it, they still have certain limitations regarding the cleaner as well as the level of pressure that can be used.

Siding Replacement

If your siding shows signs of damage that cannot be repaired, you may have to replace the damaged pieces with new ones. Unlike cleaning, replacing siding is not something that you can do on your own. It requires expert assistance, since the damaged siding should be carefully removed without causing any damage to the surrounding walls, siding, or other areas. Therefore, hire a professional roofing and siding contractor from Pemberton Township to handle the process. This can actually cost you some money, and the amount will vary depending on the type of siding.

If you wish to prevent costly damage to your siding, which can sometimes lead to costly replacements, clean your siding at regular intervals and maintain it properly at all times.