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Roofing and siding act as an exterior envelope for your home, protecting it from different elements. In addition to their protective nature, the systems should also fuse together aesthetically to make your home look attractive by enhancing its appearance. According to Springdale roofing and siding contractors, replacing your roofing and siding is one of the most expensive home improvement investments you will encounter. However, these are investments you will be required to make every couple decades; therefore, it is important that you take your time, do enough research, plan properly, and then select roofing and siding that you think will meet your expectations.


When it comes to replacing your roofing and siding, expert roofing and siding contractors suggest that the first step should be to assess your needs. Some of the most common reasons why homeowners choose to replace their existing roofing and siding include dated color, design or model; leaking materials; or the end of the materials’ lifespan has been reached. If you are someone with a lot of interest in architecture and design, you may wish to replace the roofing and siding of your house simply because you feel like your house needs to be revamped. Whatever your reason may be, you need to make sure that the new roofing and siding options you choose will satisfy your requirements; for instance, if you have absolutely no time to properly maintain the roofing and siding, you need to find materials that would not require constant maintenance.


To be sure that you make the right choice, here are some factors to take into account when choosing roofing and siding for your house, as advocated by professional Springdale roofing and siding contractors.




For many homeowners, the price of the roofing and siding materials is one of the significant factors that determines their selection. Prices usually vary according to the materials you choose and are also based on where you live. One important thing that Springdale roofing and siding contractors emphasize is that you should take into account all the costs associated with the project, from start to finish, and not just the cost of the materials. In addition to the roofing and siding materials, you may also need to purchase other accessories such as fasteners, trim, flashing, and any special tools based on your choice of material. For example, if you go for stucco or brick siding, you would need masonry tools. All of these costs will have an impact on your overall budget; therefore, take the time to analyze the different potential costs before framing your budget.


The most expensive roofing materials include copper, clay, and slate. In terms of siding, stucco, brick, and stone happen to be the expensive options.


Maintenance Requirements


Among the other factors to consider when selecting roofing and siding materials, maintenance requirements are considered to be the next most important. While there are no roofing and siding products that are completely maintenance-free, some require less regular maintenance than the rest. Before choosing the materials, decide on the amount of time and the level of effort you can put into maintaining your roofing and siding and make your choice accordingly.


Springdale roofing and siding contractors imply that the level of maintenance required for siding is much more than for roofing. In the case of wood siding, you will have to repaint the structure at least once every seven years, which is something not many homeowners are fond of. However, others may feel that this would be an opportunity to change the appearance of their house by changing the colors of the entire structure.


For roofing materials, maintenance requirements are quite low. You will need to replace your roofing only if there is damage such as broken or missing shingles, broken flashing, etc. If you have chosen clay, tile, or metal for your roofing, maintenance needs for these will be much lower. Springdale roofing and siding contractors want to remind you that regardless of the maintenance requirements of the roofing and siding materials, they have to be cleaned periodically in order to maintain the elegant look of your home’s exterior, and it will also help you recognize areas that could see potential damage in the near future.


Most roofing and siding materials naturally last for several decades. Therefore, when making your selection, remember the fact that you will be dealing with them for a long time to come. Before arriving at a conclusion, take your time looking at different options and analyze the pros and cons of each.