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Roofing and siding are among the most important structural elements of a home.

Whether you are building a new home that needs this work performed, or are looking to replace your old roofing and siding, there are a lot of considerations involved in the process and procedures necessary to make sure that the finished job is exactly how you want it.

Therefore, it is always best to seek the support of an established and reliable roofing and siding contractor who can share sufficient knowledge about all the products and procedures available, as well as keep you properly informed from job start to finish. To make sure that the contractor you choose for this work is reliable, you need to know how to select a Cherry Hill, NJ roofing and siding company.

Choosing a Cherry Hill, NJ roofing and siding company involves much more than simply comparing prices. You need to keep in mind that even the slightest mistake made by the contractor you choose can cost you a lot of money and even impact the safety of your family. So, take your time and interview the company’s representatives. Here are a few topics you should be sure to cover:

Name and Address

The first and the most basic detail you should know about the Cherry Hill, NJ roofing and siding company you have shortlisted is their complete business name and address. It will be better if you choose a company that is located within a 20 mile radius of your home because you are most likely to receive prompt response and better service.


The Cherry Hill, NJ roofing and siding company you choose should be licensed by your city, state, and any other required regulatory body. The company’s license will show you that they are qualified to perform the tasks they are about to undertake, and that you can generally rely on their services without major concern.


Any roofing and siding company you choose should have workers’ compensation insurance as well as general liability insurance. You will need to see copies of these policies. The former insurance will protect you in case a worker gets injured while working in your house. If the company doesn’t have this insurance, you may be held responsible for the injured worker’s medical bills. The latter insurance is to protect you from any damage caused to your property during the work. Without this, you will have to pay for the damages or repairs caused by improper or incomplete work.

Experience in the Trade

This refers to the number of years the company has been operating in the contracting business sector. Look for a Cherry Hill, NJ roofing and siding company that has more than ten years of experience. Anything below this number may indicate that the company is still learning or has some underlying instability. However, there are companies that perform well even during their initial stages. If you are choosing one such company, make sure that they provide good referrals.

Reference from Completed Jobs

Indeed, as mentioned above, asking for references is especially important with a new business. However, it is always wise to ask for references from a reputed company as well. Ask the company to show photos of their previous work and request a list of references (with contact details) of their previous customers. Make sure that the details you receive are that of customers that the company served recently. Also, request at least five contacts to get a good sample.

Employees or Subcontractors

Ask the Cherry Hill, NJ roofing and siding company you contact if the workers they will send are their own employees or if they hire subcontractors. If the business sends out its own employees, it generally signifies that the company is more stable. However, not all companies have installers. Therefore, make sure that whoever it is that will perform the job in your property is qualified, experienced and trusted by the roofing and siding company.

Customer Service

Complaints and disputes are common in any business. What you need to know is how efficient and proactive the company has been in solving customer complaints or queries. For this, you can request the company provide the details of a previous customer that had complaints, and also question them about how they were able to resolve the issue. You can also contact the customer and ask if they would hire the company again, if they were satisfied with the service, and ask any other questions you would like answered.

Workmanship Warranty

Last, but definitely not least, you should ask the Cherry Hill, NJ roofing and siding company for a workmanship warranty. In this case, you do not have to look for longer warranty duration because the aim here is to make sure that the company stands by their work. Also, issues with workmanship usually tend to show up pretty quickly, so a near-term warranty will most likely be more than sufficient.

Cover all these topics when you interview the Cherry Hill, NJ roofing and siding company to help you make the right decision. Never hesitate to seek all the information you need, and know that a reputable roofing and siding companies will be happy to answer all your questions.